About Us

Welcome to the Working While Black Family, where Black professionals learn, exchange ideas and drive equitable change in the workplace


We have created this platform with the intention of giving you a safe space to engage with content
specifically curated to give you the support you need as a Black professional navigating the
often treacherous waters of the working world.

Through our articles, we will share tips, advice, insights and hopefully spark new questions that
will help us define the spaces that we need to transform our workplaces into.

I hope that being part of our family gives you a sense of belonging. I hope you know without a doubt
that you do not stand alone. I hope you know that you are not crazy or imagining any of your

Most importantly, I hope that you will be inspired to build a community with other
Black professionals around you. After all, we are the ones we need for meaningful and lasting

With love & pride


Working While Black is a platform focused on developing and supporting programmes & activities that bring light and solutions to the challenges faced by Black professionals in the workplace.

Established in 2019, Working While Black’s vision is to contribute towards the establishment of transformed work environments that are inherently fair, equal, non-discriminatory and conducive to the promotion and protection of Black professionals, their careers and their mental health.

We are made in South Africa, but our vision is for Working While Black to become a voice that speaks for – and amplifies – the voices of Black professionals globally.